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Retina Screening Tests

Retinal screening or retinal imaging takes a digital picture of the back of your eye.

It shows the retina (where light and images hit), the optic disk (a spot on the retina that holds the optic nerve, which sends information to the brain), and blood vessels.

Diabetes can damage the blood vessels in your retina. Over time, it causes you to lose your sight if it is not controlled.

Retinal imaging is very important in finding this type of macular degeneration. Retinal disease is a leading cause of blindness, early detection is very important to treat it better. Retinal disease can be dangerous if we neglect the same.

Dr. J.J. PRAVEEN an expert in retina screening treatment at Jayalakshmi Netralaya, in Kurnool. Our Doctor uses a tool called an ophthalmoscope to look at the back of your eye.

He precisely identifies and treats ARMD, retinal tears, retinal detachment, trauma, infections, and a variety of other retinal problems.

Dr J.J.Praveen, Specialist Eye Doctor, will perform a clinical examination of your retina and recommend the best way to treat it, that would provide you better vision.

Suffering from retina related problems? Don’t worry, please schedule an appointment today by phone or online. We take care of your eyes.

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