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Specialist in Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Highly experienced doctors with expertise in treating Glaucoma and Cataract.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

In general, both children and adults need comprehensive eye exams every 1-2 years because eye health and vision can sometimes change rapidly.

If you have diabetes or other health conditions that may impact eye health, you could need more frequent comprehensive eye exams.

A comprehensive eye exam is a vital check-up for your eyes, and it’s important to have an expert team in charge of your care.

The experienced ophthalmology team At Jayalakshmi Netralaya in Kurnool evaluates your ocular health, vision, and every aspect of your eyes to ensure peak eye health and function long term.

We provide you with the best medical facilities to facilitate eye examination and consultation with the best eye doctor. Dr J.J.Praveen is an expert ophthalmologist at Jayalakshmi Netralaya, Kurnool.

He has excellence in eye care services with a focus on extending equitable, affordable and advanced eyecare. Our doctor clinically examines your eyesight and assures you the best comprehensive eye examination.

Our doctor will help in maintaining great vision, monitoring eye changes, and guards against eye problems. Get your eye-sight checked, to get the best eye examination consult our experts.

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